25. Sep. 2017

Why sending your employees on a training is often a waste of time and money

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Sending your employees on a training seldom leads to the desired behaviour change in the workplace. Why is that? Most trainings are focussing on sharing (new) knowledge, but we all know that more knowledge will not change people’s behaviour. Smokers have the knowledge that it’s not good for their health, yet they keep on smoking. […]

04. May. 2017

Why innovation can’t do without PLAY

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We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. And the rate of change is growing exponentially. The old ways of management by planning and control are no longer sufficient. A lot of organizations have a growing awareness of this and a growing feeling of unease about possible threads to the continuity of […]

11. Nov. 2015

Why leaders need to PLAY! more

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I was recently speaking at JCI (Junior Chamber International) Nordic Conference in Tallinn, Estonia. The audience: 600 young entrepreneurial minds of 8 Nordic European Countries. My topic: Why Leaders need to PLAY! more. Creating a positive company culture where leaders give themselves and their employees a Licence to Play (like Google, Ideo, Zappos, Virgin and […]

09. Nov. 2014

Annemarie Steen I TEDx Tallaght I What happens when you press PLAY

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From Playing the Game of Seriousness, it’s now time for playing a different game: The Game of SeriousLESS…and to allow and welcome our authentic and playful selves to come back to the surface. Not only at home, but especially at work. Besides the fact that this will increase our mental health and sense of well-being, […]

27. Aug. 2013

Creating a Culture of Innovation using the Power of Play

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Most companies and organizations know that in this fast changing and complex world, they have to create a culture of innovation to be able to sustain a healthy business.  A lot of time and effort is spent on creating new strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems, hoping that these will lead […]

10. Jul. 2013

Does your company have a Licence to Play?

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When you look at outperforming companies like Google, Zappos, Virgin, South West Airlines and Mindvalley (Malaysia), there’s one thing they have in common. They invite and promote playful behaviour of their staff. Why? Because they know that playfulness is the fastest way to create openness, connectedness, collaboration and creativity; attributes that are needed now more […]

23. Apr. 2013

Hospitality Industry struggles with Experience Economy

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When we travel, we all have to sleep. Why are we prepared to pay € 25 for a night sleep in a hostel, € 50 for a bed & breakfast, € 100 for a three star hotel and € 500 for an exclusive hotel? Where we choose to sleep differs and varies with our travelpurpose (business, […]

17. Apr. 2013

Creating Open & Collaborative Cultures through Play

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Since 2004 IBM conducts every two years a Global CEO Survey among global business and public sector leaders to research what keeps them busy (at night in bed). The survey consists of in-person interviews with (in 2012) over 1700 CEO’s worldwide. More than half of all CEO’s see Human Capital, Customer Relationships and Innovation as key […]

30. Nov. 2012

How to change things, when change is hard?

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“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed” In the book “Switch, how to change things, when change is hard” from Chip & Dan Heath (in dutch “Switch, veranderen als verandering moeilijk is”), they have some interesting insights and practical advice on change management. There’s an inspiring story in the book about Jerry Sternin, a […]