04. May. 2017

Why innovation can’t do without PLAY

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We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. And the rate of change is growing exponentially. The old ways of management by planning and control are no longer sufficient. A lot of organizations have a growing awareness of this and a growing feeling of unease about possible threads to the continuity of […]

11. Nov. 2015

Why leaders need to PLAY! more

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I was recently speaking at JCI (Junior Chamber International) Nordic Conference in Tallinn, Estonia. The audience: 600 young entrepreneurial minds of 8 Nordic European Countries. My topic: Why Leaders need to PLAY! more. Creating a positive company culture where leaders give themselves and their employees a Licence to Play (like Google, Ideo, Zappos, Virgin and […]

03. Oct. 2014

The Hero’s Journey – Making money doing what you love

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Proud to be one of the Hero’s in this months issue of “The Hero’s Journey” by Peter de Kuster. With enthusiasm, Annemarie Steen 😉 For updates and resources on Playfulness & Playful Learning, you’re welcome to follow (like) my Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/licensetoplay The Hero’s Journey October 2014 from dereisvandeheldin

02. Jul. 2014

Playful learning Leadership

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“We don’t learn from experience, We learn from reflecting upon our experience.”  (Thiagi) As a guest lecturer at the Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, Netherlands, I was recently asked to deliver an Advanced Course on Leadership to students. The students expected a course with lots of theoretical information in a more lecture style of […]

27. Aug. 2013

Creating a Culture of Innovation using the Power of Play

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Most companies and organizations know that in this fast changing and complex world, they have to create a culture of innovation to be able to sustain a healthy business.  A lot of time and effort is spent on creating new strategies, business models, structure, processes, technologies, tools, and reward systems, hoping that these will lead […]

17. Apr. 2013

Creating Open & Collaborative Cultures through Play

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Since 2004 IBM conducts every two years a Global CEO Survey among global business and public sector leaders to research what keeps them busy (at night in bed). The survey consists of in-person interviews with (in 2012) over 1700 CEO’s worldwide. More than half of all CEO’s see Human Capital, Customer Relationships and Innovation as key […]