25. Sep. 2017

Why sending your employees on a training is often a waste of time and money

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Sending your employees on a training seldom leads to the desired behaviour change in the workplace. Why is that? Most trainings are focussing on sharing (new) knowledge, but we all know that more knowledge will not change people’s behaviour. Smokers have the knowledge that it’s not good for their health, yet they keep on smoking. […]

29. Nov. 2016

Setting goals doesn’t work for me, I like surprises better

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Do you sometimes feel you need to know more clearly what it is that you want? Yesterday I attended a little festival for self-employed people like me. My business is doing very well and assignments come easily without much effort. At the same time I have difficulty explaining to others what it is what I […]

28. Nov. 2014

How I got to speak at TEDx

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For 3 years I had a dream of speaking at TED or a TEDx event. Last month I got my 15 minutes of stage at TEDxTallaght in Dublin. Some people ask me how I got in…and here’s my answer. More and more TEDx events invite speakers to send in their idea, either in text or […]

02. Jul. 2014

Playful learning Leadership

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“We don’t learn from experience, We learn from reflecting upon our experience.”  (Thiagi) As a guest lecturer at the Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, Netherlands, I was recently asked to deliver an Advanced Course on Leadership to students. The students expected a course with lots of theoretical information in a more lecture style of […]

12. Aug. 2013

Visualizing my ideas using fun software

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I love to try and learn new things. So I tried this fun software Powtoon to visualize my ideas in a short animated videomessage. It was fun to do. I’m curious what you think of it.  

08. Apr. 2013

International Blowing Bubbles Day

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Hi, Two years ago, I came across a tweet that mentioned InternationalBlowing Bubbles Day on May 6 (an initiative from a dutch artist Flip Looyen). I tought: “Hm, nice”, but went on with reading other stuff. That night I woke up, and felt the need to do something with it. I have a strong vision […]

25. Mar. 2013

How my quest for Playfulness began…

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“Play is not the opposite of Work. Play is the opposite of Depression.” (Brian Sutton-Smith) A lucid dream came to me in my late twenties, when undergoing a holistic massage during a phase of burnout in my career as a corporate sales- and managementtrainer. Here’s what I saw; I am standing way up high in […]

31. Jan. 2013

Serious Play for slumkids in India

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Hi, I came across a short video from a non-profit organization Magic Bus India, that allows slumchildren in India to play and learn essential life skills while playing fun games and sports. This particular exercise opens the discussion with the children about obstacles they face when they want to go to school. It’s a perfect […]

14. Jan. 2013

My experience with Serious Lego Play

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Last friday I attented a festival called ‘Let’s Play Innovation’ in The Netherlands, about the link between Playfulness and Innovation. Very interesting day with lots of Playshops to get a taste of different methods and insights of Playful Learning. In the morning, I participated in a Serious Lego Play workshop. We were asked to build a bridge with […]

21. Dec. 2012

If we don’t learn to fail, we fail to learn

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Hi, The favorite game of my three years old daughter is catch me. This means that she will run away and I have to catch her. Full of energy and with laughter she will start running. Looking over her shoulder regularly to see if I’m following. Sometimes she deliberately slows down, so I can catch her, […]