11. Dec. 2012

I’m afraid, but I’m gonna do it anyway…UHM!

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Hi, In my work as a facilitator of playful learning(*), I meet a lot of different people. The ones that are enthusiastic from the start and willing to try everything immediately. The ones that are a little shy and hesitant, but after some reassurance they will try, and the ones that say NO from the […]

06. Nov. 2012

Caregivers Recharge Event Singapore

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Last week I had the privilege of delivering an interactive Joy-Care workshop(*) with Avi Liran at an event in Singapore. The event was organized by Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for the Caregivers of Singapore. Almost 150 participants joined us in a series of playful and fun exercises to destress, recharge and connect with eachother. After […]

27. Apr. 2012

Benefits of playful laughter, “Fake it, till you make it!”

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Hi, Yesterday I facilitated a Laughtersession for a group of 25 people from a mental/ healthcare institution. I did this as my alterego, Yamuna. I started the session with explaining how Laughter Yoga started with (Yamuna’s uncle) Dr. Madan Kataria from Mumbai India in 1995. As a physisian he believes in the benefits of laughter […]

24. Apr. 2012

Storytelling, great tool for selfdiscovery and reinvention

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Last week I attented a 5 day online seminar on storytelling (www.reinventionsummit.com), with 4 hours of interviews with expertspeakers a day, and the possibility of online chatting with up to 99 other participants from all around the world. This was my first online seminar and found it to be very interesting. #lovenewtechnology The biggest insight […]

06. Apr. 2012

Leaving your comfortzone gets you energized.

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Last week it was April’s foolsday. A good friend of mine decided after 20 years of being a housepainter, to start a career as an artist. Next week he wants to open his atelier/galerie (at his house in the city center of Eindhoven). To attract attention to this opening, he came up with an April’s […]

08. Mar. 2012

Make your passwords work for you!

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Hi, Do you have many different passwords to remember and type in when you log in somewhere? Well, I do. At first I found this annoying, and tried to make it easier by clicking on ‘remember me’ to make the login proces go automatically. Untill I wanted to login from a different computer, and all of […]

27. Feb. 2012

Mirror neurones; how do they affect you?

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Recent research has come up with scientific proof of ‘mirror neurones’. What are these? And how do they work? Well, before reading on, let’s do a small experiment. Answer this question before reading on: how do you feel right now, on a scale from 1-10 (10 is excellent, superb, never better) Then, have a look […]

16. Feb. 2012

Experiential Learning in daily life

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Hi there, It is my firm believe that we can learn from any experience we have in life. From simple things, like when you drop an apple on the floor, it’s very likely a brown spot will appear after some time, to more complicated experiences, like having a burnout. It’s built in our system to […]

14. Feb. 2012

How do I start blogging?

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Yesterday I signed up for wordpress and started a blog. That’s the easy part! Now I’m wondering what to do with it. Questions come up; Do I have something to say that other people will like to read? Will I be able to post on a regular basis? Will I get bored and stop after […]

13. Feb. 2012

Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog. I’m not 100% sure why I started this blogadventure today, but I’m sure it will be a nice journey. I love to learn. And I like any new endeavors that enable me to learn more about me, about others and the world we live in. I’m curious by nature. Another thing […]