04. May. 2017

Why innovation can’t do without PLAY

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We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. And the rate of change is growing exponentially. The old ways of management by planning and control are no longer sufficient. A lot of organizations have a growing awareness of this and a growing feeling of unease about possible threads to the continuity of […]

29. Nov. 2016

Setting goals doesn’t work for me, I like surprises better

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Do you sometimes feel you need to know more clearly what it is that you want? Yesterday I attended a little festival for self-employed people like me. My business is doing very well and assignments come easily without much effort. At the same time I have difficulty explaining to others what it is what I […]

28. Nov. 2014

How I got to speak at TEDx

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For 3 years I had a dream of speaking at TED or a TEDx event. Last month I got my 15 minutes of stage at TEDxTallaght in Dublin. Some people ask me how I got in…and here’s my answer. More and more TEDx events invite speakers to send in their idea, either in text or […]

09. Nov. 2014

Annemarie Steen I TEDx Tallaght I What happens when you press PLAY

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From Playing the Game of Seriousness, it’s now time for playing a different game: The Game of SeriousLESS…and to allow and welcome our authentic and playful selves to come back to the surface. Not only at home, but especially at work. Besides the fact that this will increase our mental health and sense of well-being, […]

21. Oct. 2014

My personal experience doing a TEDx talk (in Dublin)

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One day before my TED talk at TEDxTallaght in Dublin I was visiting a local pub. An alcoholic toothless guy (his name was Dan), came up to me and asked me “Where are you from?” And ofcourse I replied with “I’m from The Netherlands, I live in Eindhoven area”. And I asked him the same […]

08. Jul. 2014

Are Estonians Happy?

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Previously I wrote a blogpost “The two faces of Estonians” about my experience with Estonian people. They tend to believe, that they are a very serious and more introvert type of people, especially when at work. In their private life and at weekend parties they dare to show their other, more playful side. Recently I […]

21. May. 2014

Explosion of Happy video’s on youtube…and I couldn’t resist making one too.

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1682 video’s from 142 countries! (at this moment) Have a look at this impressivelist of cities that have done a Happy video clip on the hit song “Happy” from Pharrell Williams. When I looked at this list two months ago, I say that Eindhoven, my city was not in the list. And I decided to […]

11. Feb. 2014

Play, Playfulness & Playful Learning

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What’s the difference or relation between Play, Playfulness & Playful Learning? I’ll try to explain how I see it (at this moment). Play is an act, something that we (can) do. We can play with objects, play a game, play tennis or the violin, play a role, etc. Scholars say that Play has these following traits; […]

23. Jan. 2014

Playing with children, adults and Michael Gove: An interview with Patrick Bateson

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Patrick Bateson recently published his book “Play, Playfulness, Creativity & Innovaton”, a scientifc approach to understand how these are connected. Here’s an article of an interview from Dana Smith with Bateson. Originally posted on Brain Study: I’ve got a new piece up today on King’s Review of an interview I conducted with Cambridge professor of […]

16. Jan. 2014

Alan Watts on The Playful Universe

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Some time ago I came across the work of Alan Watts, an English philosopher, author and speaker (who died in 1973, when I was just 2 years old). His vision on Play, Playfulness, the Universe & our Education system in this lecture are still very powerful and mindchanging.  I like to share with you a video that […]