tedx3Are you looking for an energetic and interactive speaker or moderator for your event that moves your audience and creates connections playfully? Dutch speaker Annemarie Steen (1971) is a sparkling, creative & playful personality. Annemarie is Serious about Playfulness. She has a strong vision on the importance of Play in dealing with today’s fast changing world and economic challenges. In her interactive talk she explains the powerful relationship between play, playfulness, creativity and innovation.


Annemarie’s presentations and playshops are characterized by a high degree of playful interaction with the audience, resulting in connections and insights that ‘stick’. She has a talent of engaging her listeners into meaningful and playful experiences, overcoming initial fear by most adults and show them a safe way to leave their comfortzone, because “it’s outside of our comfortzone where the magic happens.”

Annemarie Steen (MA) grew up in The Netherlands and started working as an actress for TV at the age of thirteen. Acting gave her the option of playing out emotions that were not commonly expressed in her  rational (left brain) family. After graduating (MA) in Media studies, tour leading in India & Nepal and several years working as a corporate trainer, she rediscovered the power of play. In Applied Improvisation she found the tools to combine her acting background with her professional trainings kills.

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