Becoming an E-resident of Estonia

Estonia is the first country that allows non citizens to obtain a digital residence. Since I regularly work for companies and a business school in Estonia as a trainer/lecturer & speaker, I thought it was a cool idea to become one of the first digital residents of Estonia. This means that I still am an official resident of The Netherlands, where I live, but also have an online identity with which I can digitaly sign official documents (from anywhere in the world), open a bank account or a business in Estonia. Future options are still to be developed. One step closer to global citizenship! After all, we are all earthlings 😉

I had to go to Estonia twice to obtain my card. First to apply, secondly after being ‘checked out’ to receive my card and usb device to use it with my computer. Very funny that Estonia, who has such pride in being a very IT minded and well developed country, I couldn’t pay for my E-residence card by card…I had to walk 10 minutes to the nearest ATM machine to get the 50 euros cash!
IMG_0518 1

Now it’s also possible to apply for E-residency Estonia from other countries, so you don’t have to travel there.

Very recently the Dutch Television made a documentary about this E-residency (interviews are in English)

Here some more info in English on this E-residency


With playful greetings,

Annemarie Steen