Setting goals doesn’t work for me, I like surprises better

Do you sometimes feel you need to know more clearly what it is that you want?

goalsettingYesterday I attended a little festival for self-employed people like me. My business is doing very well and assignments come easily without much effort. At the same time I have difficulty explaining to others what it is what I do, because it’s so diverse. One day it’s facilitating sessions on innovation, the other day it’s speaking about the importance of play for a large audience, or coaching 1 person, or organizing an event, or doing educational design for working with elderly people, or teaching Leadership to MBA students, or do a fun workshop with improv theatre or laughter yoga or be an energizer at conferences. My work comes from and through people that know me and I feel very lucky in this position where I don’t have to actively search for clients.

I have a strong sense of purpose (inviting adults to play more) but often I feel that I need to become more clear on my goals or more specific on my targetgroup etc. So, at the festival I attended a session on setting strategic goals for your business and attach daily actions towards that goal. It made me feel stressed immediately and at the same time I thought it made sense to be more clear on my goals and taking deliberate actions towards them.

This morning I went for a walk and thought about this. And then I came to an interesting insight. The reason why I don’t exactly know what I want, is because I like surprises better. Setting strategic goals and work hard for them is like going to a shop and just buy the thing that you want. I love getting presents (from the universe) and after I unwrap them come to the conclusion: WOW, you know me really well, because this is exactly what I want without even asking for it.!!

When I look back on my life. The best moments were those that took me by surprise and felt like a huge present. So I think I like to fool myself in believing that I don’t know what I want (ofcourse I do on a deeper subconscious level), to experience the process of surprise. So yes, I think it’s good to think about your goals in a broad sense, but not be too specific about them, to allow space for those surprises that really feel good. And then when these opportunities knock on your door, just to say YES, let’s do it.

Playfully yours,

Annemarie Steen