SteenTrain has a strong team of worldclass playful learning facilitators, passionate about development and growth of people. We love to co-create a program that suits your needs. And we love to travel 🙂

We speak and deliver training in English, Dutch, Hebrew, Finnish and Cantonese.

Netherlands: Annemarie Steen, Raymond van Driel, Lobke Rooswinkel


Annemarie Steen | Netherland

Annemarie is a sparkling, creative & playful personality. She is Serious about Playfulness and has a strong vision on the importance of Play in dealing with today’s fast changing world and economic challenges.

After graduating (MA) in Media studies, tour leading in India & Nepal and several years working as a corporate trainer, she rediscovered the power of play. In Applied Improvisation she found the tools to combine her acting background with her professional trainings kills.

Fun Fact: spent some time in prison after killing her husband (in the Dutch TV series Cell Block H)


Raymond van Driel | Netherland

Raymond studied Psychology & ICT. He’s a passionate educator, connector, guest lecturer at business schools, board member of Applied Improvisation Network and expert on applied improvisation facilitating skills.

Fun Fact: everybody loves Raymond


Lobke Rooswinkel | Netherland

Playful connection between people is what inspires me most. In my work I’m intuitively searching how to challenge adults in being playful and be able to (re)connect with their children and each other in various situations. I want the whole world to understand the magical power of playfulness!

Fun Fact: loves to go for a tour on the Amsterdam Canals with her own boat


Simo Routarinne | Finland

Simo let’s participants explore their expressive muscles and find their full communicative potential!

Fun Fact: designer of The Status Card Game


Jon Trevor | United Kingdom

Jon has an eclectic background having been an actor, a theatre director, a writer, a salesman, a university lecturer, a journalist, CEO of three SMEs, a trainer, a facilitator, a consultant. In one form or another he has been teaching, training, communicating and facilitating, for over 30 years.

Fun Fact: Jon is a licensed and experienced skydiver and aerial videographer with over 1550 skydives in his logboek.


Padraig Hyland | Ireland

Padraig is a communications coach, facilitator and speaker. A specialist in audience engagement and offers Sales Coaching, Keynote Speech coaching and Leadership Storytelling programs.

Fun Fact: Padraig has several years of experience as a stand-up comedian


Avi Liran | Singapore

Avi is a positive leadership consultant, facilitator and speaker with a lot of knowledge about culture, positive psychology, behavioral and neuro science. Co-creator on Joy-Care Leadership Program and Easier Done than Said methodology

Fun Fact: certified Laughter Yoga practitioner


Lenny Ravich | Israel

Lenny is a speaker, facilitator, actor and author of bestseller “A funny thing happened on the way to enlightenment”. Young at heart, humorous and life long learner. Experience as an actor, director, comedian, leader of the Gestalt Institute and co-creator on Joy-Care Leadership and Easier Done than Said methodology.

Fun Fact: Got expelled from school for being overly joyous


Gloria Leung | Hong Kong

Gloria is a professional energetic trainer, consultant, facilitator. With wide exposure on human engineering skills, it is easy for Gloria to shift the paradigms of the inner world of clients in order to achieve excellent result.

Fun Fact: Hosts a radio show NLP Café in Hong Kong