Roy Sillen“The first time I met Annemarie was during a training of THNK for the Ministry of Defense. Goal of the training was to enhance Design Thinking within our Ministry.
Annemarie is a very inspiring trainer, has a lot of positive energy and has the skills to bring this energy over to her public. Besides that she can give feedback and feedforward in a way that is very helpful for people who look for further personal development. And last but not least, she can make you laugh, which is very powerful when you train people.” (Roy Sillen, Head of Innovation at Ministry of Defense, Netherlands)



“Annemarie is an inspiring speaker filling any room with positive energy. She gave us a full day seminar covering topics like motivation, increasing own and team’s energy, change management, etc. The strongest aspect of Annemarie’s training was using of simple real life examples so that complex topics became easy to grasp.” (Indrek Alliksaar, Audit Director KPMG, Estonia)




“Annemarie made us laugh and play like children. We hired her as a speaker and I had no idea what specifically she would do. She would not tell me and asked me to trust her. I did trust her and the result was just lovely.” (Toomas Tamsar, CEO at Estonian Employers Confederation, Estonia)




“Designing a programme for an insurance company how to improve creativity into their innovation processes, I asked Annemarie to facilitate a workshop for opening their minds, and setting the stage. It was really fun, she did a great job! Annemarie hit the head, hearts and hands of all the participants involved. Thanks Annemarie!” (Roland Mol, Business Development Manager at Business School Vlerick, Belgium)





“I was very impressed in the way how Annemarie managed to put a lot of positive energy in the group with her program Playfulness. This has let to a nice working relationship whereby she gave several successful workshops to our customers en staff.” (Michael Bouman, Boardmember at U-Foundation, Netherlands)




“Annemarie is one of the few keesexternal facilitator over the last six years at Feedback that was able to inspire us all. You made us work together and do unbelievable things on stage. Moreover the natural way you managed a very large group of professionals deserves great respect!” (Kees Hooft, owner Feedforward, Netherlands)





“The standard and flexibility of Annemaries delivery of an e-course on happiness at work was outstanding. Her subject knowledge and adaptation to my particular requirements were also excellent. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Annemarie in any English-speaking business or otherwise. First rate!” (John Ward, Managing Director at Sapphiratech, UK)






“Annemarie provided me with lots of new ideas to inspire my students into working with trends. She’s very creative and practical in offering solutions and making you invent them yourself. A very useful workshop!” (Maaike Rijnders, lecturer at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Netherlands)





“Annemarie is a passionate educator with deep messages, amazing energy and unique personality. She is an Easier Done than Said lady. She has a very strong sixth sense and she dares to follow her heart.
Annemarie is a playful and skillful facilitator, very creative. She dares to try new things, overcoming with courage her fears. She is extremely sensitive to the needs of the audience and has the rare talent to change the course of “a well planned flight” to overcome the unexpected.” (Avi Z. Liran, CEO of Ha-p, Singapore)


“I went to attend a training and it didn’t feel like a training at all. It was fun and I learned a lot! Feels a little bit confusing.” (trainer at Quintessence, Belgium)