Daily Play-Break

SteenTrain is offering daily 30 min online Play-Breaks for individuals from Monday to Friday. One in Dutch at 12h CET (Amsterdam timezone). One in English at 17h CET.

You can subscribe per week (only 25,- Euro, excl 21% btw when buying from The Netherlands) and attend as many as you like (just 1 or all 5). Subscriptions during the week only are valid until the friday of that same week.

Je kunt je aanmelden voor de Nederlandse versie om 12h CET (Dutch Timezone) via de knop Nu Kopen <-- Betaling via PayPal of Creditkaart

You can subscribe for the English version at 17h CET via button Buy Now --> payment through PayPal or Creditcard

After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an invite with your meetinglink for Zoom. For the best experience, download the Zoomapp on your desktop or laptop and join session with video and audio on.

Have a Playful Day!